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Versionen/Vollversion 1.12 (Bedrock)/Entwicklung

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Dies ist keine offizielle Versionsgeschichte. Siehe die Minecraft-Webseite oder den offiziellen Blog der Bedrock Edition für eine offizielle Liste.
Programmfehler des Spiels werden nicht hier, sondern im Fehler-Verfolger gesammelt. Bitte melde keine bereits gemeldeten Fehler.
Entwicklungsversionen können deine Welt beschädigen, bitte erstelle eine Sicherung und/oder starte sie in einem anderen Ordner als deine Hauptwelten!
Entwicklungsversionen sind experimentell und werden veröffentlicht, um Spielfehler zu finden und zu beheben. Von daher sind diese Versionen nicht für das normale Spielen zu empfehlen! Besonders instabile Entwicklungsversionen sind gesondert gekennzeichnet.

Vollversion 1.12.0[Bearbeiten]

Version Tag der Aktualisierung In der Aktualisierung enthaltene Neuerungen und Änderungen
1.12.0 build 3Blog
8. Mai 2019

1.12.0 build 3[Bearbeiten]

Auch unter bekannt


  • Increased the frequency and volume of the ambient mob sounds made during raids, to make them easier to locate
  • Updated the default main menu panorama from Aquatic to Village and Pillage

Map Makers and Add-On Creators[Bearbeiten]

  • Signs no longer break after being cloned to an area without support
  • Added API documentation for the log function
  • Updated scripting documentation to latest Wiki format
1.12.0 build 2Blog
1. Mai 2019

1.12.0 build 2[Bearbeiten]

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  • The "Store" button on the main menu has been renamed to "Marketplace"
1.12.0 build 1Blog
17. April 2019

1.12.0 build 1[Bearbeiten]

Auch unter bekannt


  • Item instance IDs can now be synchronized between clients and servers
  • Added auto complete to command blocks
  • Added spawnRadius gamerule
    • players can specify in their worlds called spawnRadius. The concept was adapted from how Java Edition implemented it. It allows players to specify a number between 0 and 32 to create an allowed area for spawning to take place. So a spawn radius of 27 is a larger circle than a radius of 12. Players then will spawn in a random location in that radius.
  • Enabled content logging on Bedrock Dedicated Server
  • Added a delay option to command blocks
    • A delay can be added to the command block using the new field. The ticks for this delay are Redstone ticks.

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators[Bearbeiten]

  • New items can be added using Add-Ons
  • Mob events can now be enabled and disabled in world templates
  • Animations and particles can be added without being linked to entities
  • Inventory, armor, and hand containers can be adapted through scripting
  • Sound effects can now be triggered by animation events
  • Added new executeCommand to the Scripting API
  • Added Scripting events for interaction with items, for example:
    • Item picked up
    • Item dropped
    • Carried item changed
  • Added One-shot animation support, allowing the ability to execute a single animation on an entity
  • Particle emitters can now trigger Scripting Events
  • Updated documentation of Actor Events, to document client-side usage of actor events in resource packs
  • Add Block components now use JSON schemas
  • Created a screen to view content log errors
    • The log screen can be opened using Ctrl+H, or by going to Settings→Profile
  • Added code to allow static validation scripts to be run locally
  • Custom blocks can now be added through Scripting
    • This is currently still a 'work in progress' feature, and more functionality will be added in future updates.
    • Custom blocks can currently only be added through additional JSON scripting
    • Custom blocks can only be placed with slash commands
  • Added new Data-Driven Particles:
    • Llama Spit
    • Large Explosions
    • Coloured Flames
    • Redstone Dust
    • Falling Dust
    • Lava
    • Enchanting Table
    • Conduit
  • Added new Data Driven Animations:
    • Wolves
    • Fang Attack
    • Arrows
    • Shulker Bullets
    • Bows
    • Water
  • Updated Documentation to include a Breaking Changes section
  • Item API V0
    • Basic item related events have been exposed to the Scripting API. This includes:
    • actor_acquired_item
    • actor_carried_item_changed
    • actor_dropped_item
    • actor_use_item
    • actor_equipped_armor
  • Inventory API V0
    • Basic inventory events have been exposed to the Scripting API. This includes:
    • inventory_container
    • armor_container
    • hand_container (note that the hand container will get you both the main hand and offhand)
    • hotbar_container
  • Block API V0
    • New block events and two new APIs have been included to query for blocks. This includes:
    • APIs
    • getBlock(Ticking Area, x, y, z)
    • getBlock(Ticking Area, PositionObject)
    • getBlocks(Ticking Area, x min, y min, z min, x max, y max, z max)
    • getBlocks(Ticking Area, Minimum PositionObject, Maximum PositionObject)
    • Events
    • block_destruction_started
    • block_destruction_stopped
    • piston_moved_block
    • player_destroyed_block
    • player_placed_block
  • executeCommand API
    • Allows the Scripting API to get the result of a slash command
  • Event Data API
    • Allows Creators to create event data, register and pass it to the event function.
  • Updated Demo Packs