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v0.1.0 alpha
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Pocket Edition


Xperia PLAY - August 16, 2011



The first Pocket Edition icon.

v0.1.0 alpha was the first publicly released version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was exclusively released for the Xperia PLAY gaming console.[1]

There was a planned 0.1.0 Alpha that would have been released on Android, but the release was held back. The version would have had Black Touch Controls and the menu would have looked the same as v0.1.1 alpha.



  • Zufällig generierte Welten
  • Das Abbauen und Platzieren von Blöcken
  • Ability to invite and play multiplayer on a world (wireless local area network)
  • Save multiplayer worlds for offline use with the "Copy World" button in the pause menu.
  • A file that is able to run on Android called minecraftpe.apk in the Minecraft Assets folder.
  • Options for high and low spec phones (Called Fancy Graphics and Lower Graphics Quality respectively)
  • Touch Screen controls and auto-jump (offiziell in der 0.1.1 hinzugefügt)


  • Used generator from Alpha v1.2.0 to Beta 1.7.3.
    • It is likely that not all of the biomes present in these versions were present in Pocket Edition.
Generierte Strukturen
  • Bäume
    • Eiche
    • Birke
    • Fichte
  • Erzadern



A demo for Alpha 0.1.0 was released exclusively to the Xperia Play on an unknown released date. A prototype version of the demo was also released accidentally to assets.minecraft.net with the label "mcpe01_canada.apk".


  • Blöcke im Inventar sind jetzt 3D
  • Render distance is short so it looks foggy
  • Problem with the sounds of Walking, Walking and placing blocks



  • The game has a high chance of crashing if playing on Android 3.0 or higher.


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