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Dies ist eine Liste von Pocket Edition 1.0.6 Entwicklungsversionen.


Alpha (also known as 1.0.6 build 1) is a beta build released for 1.0.6 that fixes various issues.[1]


  • The Worlds section has been added to the Store, featuring the Redstone Mansion.


  • In-game messages/changelogs are no longer tied to new updates
  • The jump range of slimes is now correct


  • Skeleton horses spawned from traps can now be tamed and ridden
  • Baby mobs once again make idle sounds
  • Blocks that are destroyed by the Wither will now drop properly
  • Arrows fired from a dispenser will now hit entities directly in front of the dispenser
  • Snow Golem pumpkin heads will now properly scale with Add-Ons
  • Fixed the 'Cancel' button not appearing when downloading content from the Store without Wi-Fi
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when changing the storage location of an imported resource pack set to active in Global Resources
  • Some texture issues occur with the Festive Mash-Up 2016 Skin pack and will be fixed in the next update