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Versionen/Vollversion 1.14 (Bedrock)/Entwicklung

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Dies ist keine offizielle Versionsgeschichte. Siehe die Minecraft-Webseite oder den offiziellen Blog der Bedrock Edition für eine offizielle Liste.
Programmfehler des Spiels werden nicht hier, sondern im Fehler-Verfolger gesammelt. Bitte melde keine bereits gemeldeten Fehler.
Entwicklungsversionen können deine Welt beschädigen, bitte erstelle eine Sicherung und/oder starte sie in einem anderen Ordner als deine Hauptwelten!
Entwicklungsversionen sind experimentell und werden veröffentlicht, um Spielfehler zu finden und zu beheben. Von daher sind diese Versionen nicht für das normale Spielen zu empfehlen! Besonders instabile Entwicklungsversionen sind gesondert gekennzeichnet.

Vollversion 1.14.1[Bearbeiten]

Version Tag der Aktualisierung In der Aktualisierung enthaltene Neuerungen und Änderungen
1.14.1 build 1Blog
4. Dezember 2019

1.14.1 build 1[Bearbeiten]

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Vollversion 1.14.0[Bearbeiten]

Version Tag der Aktualisierung In der Aktualisierung enthaltene Neuerungen und Änderungen
1.14.0 build 8Blog
26. November 2019

1.14.0 build 8[Bearbeiten]

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1.14.0 build 7Blog
20. November 2019

1.14.0 build 7[Bearbeiten]

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1.14.0 build 6Blog
13. November 2019

1.14.0 build 6[Bearbeiten]

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1.14.0 build 5Blog
6. November 2019

1.14.0 build 5[Bearbeiten]

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1.14.0 build 4Blog
30. Oktober 2019

1.14.0 build 4[Bearbeiten]

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  • Honey bottles can now be stacked, and can be crafted with empty bottles and a honey block
1.14.0 build 3Blog
23. Oktober 2019

1.14.0 build 3[Bearbeiten]

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1.14.0 build 2Blog
15. Oktober 2019

1.14.0 build 2[Bearbeiten]

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1.14.0 build 1Blog
9. Oktober 2019

1.14.0 build 1[Bearbeiten]

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  • Bees are cute, fuzzy, neutral mobs
  • Don’t hurt them, they don’t want to hurt you
  • If a bee does sting you, it will leave its stinger in you and eventually die, dropping nothing
  • Bees love pretty flowers and spend their lives gathering pollen from them
  • After gathering pollen, bees fly back to their home nest
  • Bees help you by growing crops while carrying pollen back to the nest
  • Bees can be bred using flowers
  • If a bee can't find nectar, after a while it will return home for a bit
  • If a bee doesn’t have a home nest, it will wander around until it finds one it can use
  • Bees don’t like the rain and they sleep at night. They will go back to the nest in these cases
Beehives and Nests
  • Bee Nests spawn naturally in Flower Forests, Plains, and Sunflower Plains biomes
  • When a bee visits a nest and completes its journey undisturbed, the level of honey increases
  • Max of 5 levels of honey
  • Beehives are crafted by players using honeycomb and wood planks
  • Use a silk touch tool to get the block with the bees stored inside
  • Bee Nests will be destroyed unless you use silk touch
  • Use shears when at full honey to get honeycomb
  • Use a bottle when at full honey to get a honey bottle
  • Campfire smoke calms bees - place one underneath the nest / hive to keep them in chill mode
  • Redstone-friendly
Honeycomb and Honey Bottles
  • Use an empty glass bottle on a hive or nest that is full of honey to get a bottle of honey!
  • Dispensers can now fill bottles with water and honey
  • Dispensers can now shear honeycombs from Bee Nests and Hives
Honeycomb blocks
  • A decorative block that can be crafted with honeycombs!
Honey blocks
  • Greatly reduces movement speed and jump height, but also reduce fall damage
  • You can “slide” down a wall of honey blocks to slow your fall
  • Honey Block effects carry through up to < 1 block above
  • When a honey block is piston-moved, adjacent blocks are moved too
  • When a honey block is piston-moved, entities on top are moved along with it
  • Sticky Block Support. Use the ‘BlockProperty::PreventsJumping’ to make it so that the pathfinder won't jump if on one of these blocks and players can't jump when on one of these blocks. Also hooked up level event that spawns terrain particles when prevented from jumping and plays the jump.prevent block sound


  • MCPE-46866 - Leads can now be used on Polar Bears, Parrots, Ocelots, and Dolphins
  • Tweaked the amount of XP dropped by animals to match the Java Edition
    • Most animals will now drop 1-3 XP when killed, but Dolphins now drop 0 XP

Known Issues in this beta that will be fixed in a future update:

  • Equipped armour is not visible on player’s character