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Versionen/Vollversion 1.13 (Bedrock)/Entwicklung

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Dies ist keine offizielle Versionsgeschichte. Siehe die Minecraft-Webseite oder den offiziellen Blog der Bedrock Edition für eine offizielle Liste.
Programmfehler des Spiels werden nicht hier, sondern im Fehler-Verfolger gesammelt. Bitte melde keine bereits gemeldeten Fehler.
Entwicklungsversionen können deine Welt beschädigen, bitte erstelle eine Sicherung und/oder starte sie in einem anderen Ordner als deine Hauptwelten!
Entwicklungsversionen sind experimentell und werden veröffentlicht, um Spielfehler zu finden und zu beheben. Von daher sind diese Versionen nicht für das normale Spielen zu empfehlen! Besonders instabile Entwicklungsversionen sind gesondert gekennzeichnet.

Vollversion 1.13.0[Bearbeiten]

Version Tag der Aktualisierung In der Aktualisierung enthaltene Neuerungen und Änderungen
1.13.0 build 5Blog
14. August 2019

1.13.0 build 5[Bearbeiten]

Auch unter bekannt

1.13.0 build 4Blog
7. August 2019

1.13.0 build 4[Bearbeiten]

Auch unter bekannt

1.13.0 build 3Blog
26. Juli 2019

1.13.0 build 3[Bearbeiten]

Auch unter bekannt

1.13.0 build 2Blog
10. Juli 2019

1.13.0 build 2[Bearbeiten]

Auch unter bekannt

1.13.0 build 1Blog
27. Juni 2019

1.13.0 build 1[Bearbeiten]

Auch unter bekannt

Experimental Gameplay[Bearbeiten]

  • New and improved Structure Blocks!


  • Added the Fox!
    • Added the arctic Fox as a variant
    • Foxes now spawn as arctic variants when in snowy climates, and polar bears will attack them unprovoked
    • Trusted Foxes defend trusted players
    • Foxes can pick up and carry items in their mouths
    • Foxes may eat what they are carrying, sometimes with interesting results!
  • Coordinates can now be tab-completed when writing commands
  • Added new “PersistComponent” for mob persistence
  • Added new and improved Structure Blocks
    • Save and Load features are behind the Experimental Toggle


  • Added a message that informs players whether a Marketplace pack is compatible with their version of Minecraft (specifically if it includes blocks from a newer version of the game)
  • Minecraft on iOS will no longer show the "Do you want to Close Minecraft" pop-up since iOS doesn't support that app behaviour
  • Added new chat settings options to improve accessibility

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators[Bearbeiten]

  • New Data Driven Items
    • MCPE-40744 - Added shake animation to data-driven arrow
    • Data driven actor push logic and behaviour
    • Breaking item particles are now data driven
    • Implemented data driven environment damage
    • Data driven sparkler particles
    • Data driven Guardian/Elder Guardian animation and rendering
      • Fixed unparented geometry on pre 1.8 guardians
      • Elder Guardian Spike animation
    • Added new feature rules data that implements existing biome decoration through json
      • Final infrastructure changes required to support fully data driven features. Rules themselves must be provided in a behaviour pack with experimental turned on
    • Converted the Fishing Hook actor to be Data-Driven
    • Converted the Balloon actor to be Data-Driven
    • Data Driven Player Rendering
    • Snow Golem trail behaviour is now data driven
    • Horse models/animations are now data driven
    • User Story Dragon Breath Particles are now data driven
    • Ores are now data driven (OreFeature)
  • Added Scripting Documentation for ActorDamageSource
  • Added additional Scripting information to death events
  • Added block container Scripting component
  • Added 'Projectile Hit' Scripting event
  • Added 'Actor Hurt' Scripting event
  • Added new Actor tags to the Scripting API
  • Added Block Destruction Scripting event for Explosions
  • Actor Definition Events can now be triggered from scripts
  • Added 'actor_sneak' Scripting event
  • Added 'actor attacked' Scripting event
  • Levers now have their own block state
  • Fixed a scripting error that would show when shooting arrows from a dispenser
  • Added 'build document' code for data-driven recipes
  • Players can now open and view scripting logs while the game is running
  • All pillar blocks now have their own block state instead of using some values of the direction block state. This allows mirror and rotating with structure blocks |